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The Princeton Review Hyperlearning Set 2008 Set (Toronto Downtown) $150

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2008 Hyperlearning MCAT: Biology Sciences Review

2008 Hyperlearning MCAT: Physical Sciences Review

2008 Hyperlearning MCAT: Inclass Compendium

2008 Hyperlearning MCAT: Science Workbook


2006 Hyperlearning MCAT: Practice Tests A-D

(this is the book with the elusive and difficult 4 full-length MCAT questions)


No writing in any of it. I'm aware there's no Verbal component, but I would recommend EK's Verbal in any case (I would be happy to describe EK's verbal & writing strategy to you, it got me a 13 and an R). Currently attending UT med, would be happy to talk about the application process as well (if you buy the books ;))


$150 firm. I think it's a good deal considering the price of a course.


I live downtown but can meet on any Subway station on the University/Yonge loop or a subway station nearby campus. (Please, subway station. lol)


PM me for details.

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