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Questions for the group:


Did you complete any pre-reqs or other courses by distance (i.e., Athabasca or elsewhere) for the US med schools?

If so, did they accept the courses (even though they are DE)?


Seems to me that DE is okay for Cdn schools, but questionable for the US schools...correct me if I'm wrong?




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Cornell I know definitely doesn't like DE courses. I don't remember any other schools having a policy like that on their website, but I wasn't looking for it either. Maybe just e-mail all the schools you're interested in?



Thanks, token.


I just explored SDN and it seems there's a split on DE courses okay or not okay. A number of posts indicated it's not a problem if they don't show as DE on the transcript (obvious). However, courses from a DE school like Athabasca would be pretty obvious haha!



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Hi there,


I took an English course through Athabasca (as part of my prereqs) and I don't think it affected my chances of interviews or acceptances in the US.


Adcoms usually spend a good time going through your academic history. If they see that you did 1 or 2 courses through Athabasca, I don't think it would negatively impact you. However, if you do some prereqs through Athabasca and got fantastic grades and did not do so hot when you took the other prereqs at your home university, it might raise some flags...


To be honest, I am not sure if US Adcoms know that Athabasca University is distance ed...


Let me know if you have any more questions!


Edit: I thought I would also mention that I never transferred the Athabasca course to my home university. I just sent transcripts from both universities when applying (although you have to do this even if you do transfer the course to your home university).

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