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Hello Non trads,


This is my first time posting here, and would love to get some feedback- So ill lay down my stats;


undergrad marks:

1sy yr: 2.0 (4 courses)

2nd yr: 2.2 (4 courses)

summer: 4.0 ( 1 course)

3rd: 3.4 (5 courses)

4th: 3.8 (5 courses)

5th: 3.8 (2 courses)

summer: 3.8 (1 course)


best 2= 3.62

cGPA: 3.1, bcmgpa: about 3.0-3.1


I have had 6 abstract publications (of which I did 4 presentations in internation meetings), have submitted a paper, and will be writing another one soon. In the end hopefully I can get 3-4 papers and 8 abstracts published before I apply.


4 scholorships, incl NSERC.


general, hospital, community volunteering.


Currently doing a masters, (incl TA-ing)

gpa= around 4.0 (in process)- and hopefully get an addition paper out.


i know i can get amazing lor, having worked with research physicians for over 3yrs (as well as various shawdoing experience nation and internationally)


Iam also planning on taking more undergrad courses to lift my gpa to a 3.2-3.3 (plus the grad addion)-if im lucky


No mcat yet,


Aside from marks, the only thing that stands out is my EC activity.


What do you think would be the next logical step to improving my application?I dont want to take another 2-3 yrs of undergrad! I feel like if i cannot get in then truely - its all a numbers game- if u dont have a 4.0 dont try...experience is ****


The US is also an option (and prefered).


Thank you all for the feedback,

I truly appreciate it,

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