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Question on First Year


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hello there,


i just am wondering how it would look as i have dropped 5 courses with withdrawals in my first year. i'll tell u the breakdown of it:


1st W: technicality of server (i thought i dropped it on a friday but didnt go through)

2nd W: i really did not have a background of the course material

3,4,5 W: i was really depressed/ sick that semester because of a relatives death and my mom/dad are getting separated...etc


so how would it look if i had to repeat my first year next year for the fall of 2009 and retake the majority of the classes i withdrew... would i still be able to get into medical school? or they don't cut slack for this?


btw, the threads in the medical school 'accepted/rejected' look very discouraging with people being rejected with cgpas of 3.9+ and so on.......


thinking of it..... i had a really crappy year so far and exams are only a week away. :(

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In all honesty, your best bet might be to talk with your school's registrar and see what can be done about getting some of those W's reversed, which would be a fairly easy thing if you did happen to be clinically depressed (doctor's diagnosis and all). They may reverse them on compassionate grounds, but that's less likely.


Unfortunately, if the best reason your provide to you school isn't good enough for the W's to be reversed by the school you're going to right now, it likely won't be good enough for the med schools you apply to. A bunch of W's coupled with poor grades will almost certainly be a black mark against your for med apps. People will say that it's not too late, and they're right, but as you've seen, even those with 3.9 cGPA's are rejected frequently.

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