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Guest ssup

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Got my acceptance letter today from U of T (it was postmarked the 29th but it arrived today!!:eek )


I'm excited but also a little confused since U of T was not really my first choice (U of A was- where I've been waitlisted as a 3rd year OOP!) I spoke to the admissions people there today who informed me that there are only 2 positions for 2nd/3rd year OOP...that SUCKS!!!:rolleyes


Well I only have till tomorrow to make a decision about U of T and I'm really confused as to whether I should defer acceptance by a year (to finish my BSc and to prepare for a cross-country move since I haven't given it much thought yet) or whether I should accept U of T's offer. It's strange since most people would jump at the opportunity to go to U of T med...what's wrong with me?!?!?!?


In any case...just thought I'd let you guys know that in case you haven't received your letter yet, there's still hope. Keep checking the mailbox!








Edited to get rid of the all-caps. -Ian

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Guest Chowchilla

hey there,


i'd jump at the offer too, but i'd defer the admission to complete my degree first. but if they didn't let me...i'd say goodbye bachelors and hello m.d.


but that's just me. :)

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Guest bluesky125

Hi ssup,


It is normal to have mix feelings about coming to a med school.


In the case of asking for a defer, it is really up to you. In the whole grand scheme of things, it really does not matter if you go to med school this year or next year.


I was a third year applicant and I also thought of completing my honours degree. In the end, I was too excited about med school to delay it for a year. However, there are many classmates of mine that deferred and did amazing things.


Good luck with your decision and congratulations :)



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Guest peachy

Personally, I wouldn't have given up my last year of undergrad for anything ... it was a great time. :) ... Good luck making your decision, though!!

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I don't think they interview very many OOP 2/3 year applicants at U of A (I think/heard they interviewed 60 2/3 year applicants for the 25 spots, and most of those would have been in-province). They only have 20 on their in-province 4 year waitlist and there are 100 spots for that group, so I imagine the 2/3 year waitlist isn't too big.


Just out of curiosity, when you complete your MD, don't you complete the requirements for a BSc, as well? When I was at Calgary there were some students in first year med who said they got in after third year and would get their BSc when they finished their MD. Maybe things are different at different schools.


One thing to consider, I think, anyway, is why you want to defer to complete your degree. In the end, if you really want to be a doctor, you'll be just as qualified as everyone else. And you'll start working earlier. I didn't get in last year after interviewing and at the time it seemed catastrophic, but not getting in until this year turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. But, if I had had the choice, I don't think I could have deferred. I can barely wait two more months to start school!


Anyway, if you get off the waitlist, maybe I will see you in Sept. at U of A. Good luck with your decision.

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