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How to study for MCAT retake


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I did a bunch of searches on this topic but couldn't find anything helpful, most threads on retake don't focus on studying strategies. So I'm retaking the MCAT in August and wanted to know what's the best studying strategy for a re-taker. My main goal is to bump up my verbal from 9 to a 10+. I have a couple of ideas but I'm not sure if they are optimal.


I guess my main dilemma is that I studied the entire EK package last time around(one year ago). I did all the VR101 passages so I'm sure I retained a LOT of the questions/tricks, which makes me think that those practices wouldn't be as effective anymore. I never tried Kaplan or TPR, I don't know if I should give them a try even though everyone says they are inferior to EK (Ironically that the EK book DIDN'T help me get a high score even though I did all their exams, HA!). I guess one way of making it more effective would be to get my hands on the new edition of VR101. I had the old VR101 book and I found that I had some time management issues due to practicing with the old format all the time. Is it worth it to buy the new one?


Any ideas? For those that retook the MCAT, how did you study for the second time?

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