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1 bedroom at UWO - $450/month (8 months lease only) in Red Brick Houses!

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I am looking to rent 1 bedroom in my house in London. The details are:

Rent: $450 + utilities

Rooms: 1

Location: In London’s Red Brick houses! if you ask pretty much any UWO student, the red brick houses are one of the best student rentals you can get.

Also, the house is a 5 minute walk from a Plaza (with starbucks, subway and other restaurants). It is a 1 minute walk from a convenient store.

Roommates: there are 4 other guys living there. They are all in 4th year (2 in medical biophysics, 1 in Richard Ivey School of Business, 1 in Management and Organizational Sciences). --> Room mates are absolutely amazing (they came from London to visit me in Toronto when I got my acceptance to meds)

Transportation: It is a 1 minute walk from the 2 Dundas bus stop. The 2 Dundas comes every 8 minutes (On Many occasion, 3 busses come one after the other…. So you will definitely be able to make it to campus).. It is also a 20 minute walk from campus.

Furnishing: House is completely furnished. Also, the rooms are relatively large (They take a Queen size bed, a Desk, a fridge and still leave tons of room (pictures are available))

Move in date: House is available at any time and the lease runs until April 30th 2010.

8 month lease: the lease is only 8 months long so you do not have to pay rent during the 2010 summer and do not need to find someone to sublet!!


Personal message me if interested!

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