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Kaplan MCAT Prep Material for Sale


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I am selling the following Kaplan MCAT material:


MCAT Verbal Reasoning Strategy and Practice

MCAT physical Sciences Review Notes

MCAT Biological Sciences Review Notes



MCAT Lesson Book (covers major topics from each area of the MCAT- this is like a workbook for review- all answers have been filled in and are correct so it is an excellent resource to learn from)



MCAT High-Yield Problem Solving Guide (completely brand new- I haven't even opened it)



MCAT quicksheet- Biology

MCAT quicksheet- Physics

MCAT quicksheet- General Chemistry

MCAT quicksheet- organic Chemistry


(The quicksheets have major topics, concepts, and formulae outlined in a laminated, organized, and foldable sheets(4 sides))- easy to carry while you are travelling and and excellent quick review of all major topics



MCAT General chemistry flashcards

MCAT Organic Chemistry flashcards

MCAT Physics flashcards

MCAT Biology flashcards


I also have 4 tutorial packages which my instructor put togethter last summer. These packages contain usefull information which deals with topics of higher difficulty level.


Kaplan MCAT Physics tutorial- Kinematics, Dynamics, Work/Energy

Kaplan MCAT Verbal and Writing Sample tutorial- Critical Reading and Essay Structure

Kaplan MCAT Physics tutorial- Electrostaitcs, DC, and RC circuits

Kaplan MCAT Organic chemistry tutorial- Basics of organic chemistry- major organic reactions


PM me if interested!

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