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Which DAT prep book should I buy?

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I've been searching for some nice DAT books, and I think I've found some, but I can't push the trigger yet to purchase them.


I'm only going to apply to the dental schools in Ontario.


Would studying Kaplan DAT 2009-2010 be sufficient?

I already graduated from University of Toronto life science program.

I'm almost done with my nursing degree (2nd degree).




Any other recommendations?


Please help me out guys. Thanks :)

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Guest Yeoman



I used Kaplan only to study for the DAT, but didn't do to well... My reading score was horrible the 1st time (16), and my PAT was 19 (the first time)... For my second DAT test, I also got the Barrons book (which I found very useful). For reading comprehension, there is hardly anything out there, but I found a book by IQ pub with 3 full length RC tests, I also got IQ's PAT book... I think these 4 books (Kaplan, Barron, IQ's) helped me a lot (especially the IQ's)... My score second time increased in all sections (except carving, RC went to 20, PAT went to 24, and AA was 20)...


I still have all the books if you want them for cheap... they'll probably just be collecting dust know ... Oh BTW I got into UWO, and wait listed by toronto...

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Yeoman, you were top 15 to get early acceptance to western but waitlisted for Toronto? It's so odd how the schools rank people so differently... Didn't you say you got into mcgill too, with different scores?

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