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With their RRSPs in sick bay, doctors need a backup plan

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Interesting read, although docs aren't the only professionals who have to fend for themselves when it comes to retirement, engineers working in the private sector are the first thing that comes to mind, especially those working for small firms or contractors. They also don't have the luxury of billing a fixed, collectively negotiated price for services like docs can.


That being said, one injustice doesn't validate another, I think the one commenter made a good point, our federal politicians enjoy a nice pension after only two terms of work, makes all other retirement plans pale in comparison.

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It's not often that I agree with Andre Picard, but he makes some good points in this article. In principle, a government pension sounds like a reasonable idea. Thoughts?




Many FTE public service employees get to take part in pension plans (i.e., OMERS in Ontario). Teachers in Ontario have an awesome pension plan of their own.


While physicians are "independent contractors", according to the article, I don't see why physicians couldn't get a pension plan going. Sure, they may not be able to get the employer matching contributions that some of the public service employees get (I can't see the provincial governments agreeing to that right now - too expensive). However, a pension plan would be a good safety net alongside regular RRSPs.


Sounds like an area in need of improvement.

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