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Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone had some advice on what to do to match Urology. Which electives other than Urology should I do? Also where are good places to do Urology electives, who are good preceptors? Does anyone know the best Urology programs in the country? Any other advice?


I will be couple's matching as well so I would kind of like to have a viable backup plan also. If I do one elective if Anaesthesia or General Surgery will those programs reject me based on my Urology weighted application?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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hey, urology at dal is amazing. it's a very organized elective. tons of teaching. the urology residents here are all amazing. very friendly and enjoy teaching.


in terms of what you need to do...i overheard the residents saying how most of the interviewees for carms this past year had all presented at a national conference...!! i dont think that's required but it certainly wont hurt!


i think you just need to show interest in urology and work well with the team.

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