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for many professional schools, they say "if you have a full course load for all your undergrad years, then..."


my question is that if I have more than a full course load, eg. 5.5 courses (6 courses 1 semester, 5 the next), I am still qualified for the "full course load" benefits, whatever they may be?


Eg. UT med drops your lowest grade if you are 4th year and have full course load every year. I've heard it's a combination of 3 FCEs (Full Course Equivalences), and if I have more a full course load, then I'm still allowed to drop the 3 FCEs, right? (I'm not asking to drop more)...


and other grad schools say that they won't admit you if you don't have full course load throughout your undergrad career, but say, having 5.5 courses on one or two years, won't disqualify me as an applicant, right?


greatly appreciated!

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