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Anyone going to Northwestern SOM

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Anyone going to Northwestern SOM and is a Canadian?


I have a few questions.


1. Are they going to apply for a student visa for you?


2. Do we (as Canadians) apply for the FAFSA? or just the NU-Financial Aid?


I tried applying for the FAFSA but I have no Social Insurance Number or something...


Yah. Thanks a lot.

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I am a Canadian and I am most likely gonna be attending Northwestern this fall. For the visa stuff you need to go to the website for the school's international office and fill out the I20 request form. Send this form along with a copy with a copy of your passport and the financial documentation to the med school admissions office and they will take care of it. As far as financial aid I'm not sure since I didn't apply for it (but I don't think there is that much available for international students). Congrats on the acceptance!


PS. I thought you were already planning on attending UWO?

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ya...im not sure anymore...i did really like northwestern and just got off the waitlist...so still thinking


especially i want to see if i can afford northwestern.


i just got the email today and it didn't have much info.


i am in the midst of filling out a financial aid application for NU and seeing how much i can get...

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