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Questions!!! - reference letters and competitiveness!

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Hi :) Im new to the forum and so happy that I found it! Its already been sooo helpful and i've only been reading others threads.. ook now i got a few questions of my own..


1. Reference Letters!! - I plan on applying both Canadian and US dental schools.. right now my main concern is for the US schools because applications open up very soon. I am working at a dental clinic right now so the reference letter from a dentist will not be a problem.. but I have not built much of a relationship with any of my professors.. I am taking a pharmacology spring class right now so if I was to get a letter from him would it be valid or do they only accept letters from pre req profs??


.. Another question regarding letters... because of the rolling admissions I was thinking to email science prof's I had last year for letters.. I did good in their classes but I did not get to know them at all.. so would it be a good idea to meet them on campus during the summer (they are both teaching summer classes) and let them get to know me before writing the letters??



2. Chances of getting in?



First year - 3.3, Second year - 3.7, Third year - 3.6


Bio - 19, Chem - 17 or 18? (don't remember.. ill check when im home and update) , AA - 20, RC - 24, Carving - 28, PAT - 18

- I studied for a week.. little more for the carving.. but my scores are all over the place.. I definately am going to rewrite in November.


I'm at the UofA so I want to apply here but I don't think I'm very competitive.. As for other Canadian schools.. will it be a waste of money for me to apply??

And would I be competitve for American schools???




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For reference letters you can contact your science professors and let them know that you need their need for dental school applications. The class size are mostly so big that its hard to make personal contact with professors and even they know that. I was in similar situation but I sent emails to my biology, physics, chemistry and physiology (I did very well on that) professors. Most of them agreed to write it for me and I visited their office and gave them my Resume, Personal Statement and my student number from where they could know my marks so that they should know as much as possible about me. One of the professor had actually asked for my resume but I gave it to all and they said it will be very helpful. So no problem in getting letters. Just try to contact them as early as possible if you are applying for the next year.


Your stats are pretty good for American schools. Do good research and apply to atleast 10 schools.

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I'm still relatively new to the whole pre-dent thing so anybody please correct me if I'm wrong but I never heard anything about the science prof reference letters having to be from a pre req prof. So that shouldn't be an issue as long as you get any science prof to write you one.


As for your chances of admission, it depends what province you are at. Being form Ontario I can tell you you will have a tough time getting in to UWO or UofT. UWO looks at your best 2 years and the average was around 88. You have to have 2 years above 80% to be considered.

UofT says: It should be noted that the 190 domes-

tic applicants invited for an interview had a GPA of at least 3.7.


If your not from Ontario then just check the schools that interest you.

As for the states, I have no idea about the DAT but your grades look good.

With those grades I'm pretty sure you'll get in somewhere.

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I never heard anything about the science prof reference letters having to be from a pre req prof. So that shouldn't be an issue as long as you get any science prof to write you one.


Actually few school states that they need references from the pre req profs eg University of Pittsburgh. Even Case says they need letters from basic science profs. I have another question here - University of Maryland says they need letters from 2 profs each in Biology and Chemistry department and we can send only 4 letters to AADSAS. Now I am sending one letter from biology prof, 1 from physics prof, 1 from physiology prof and one from my dentist. I have heard American schools are not very strict regarding their pre-reqs. Is the situation same for LORs. I am very much interested in Maryland but i believe I cant apply based on their requirements of LORs and even they dont accept letters directly. Should I take the risk of wasting 60$?

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Thank you both!

kitty: Ya I was getting worried about the LOR's.. I didn't do much reseach on applications for the states so I didn't know that they waited til your file was complete to look at it =/.

I emailed my one prof quite abit after the class was over regarding my grades but i doubt she will remember that.. it is kinda ridiculous getting to know your profs in a class of 400.. unless you are super keener haha.. ook so I'll get on emailing all my science profs :D...


And I definately think you should still apply to Maryland.. If you are really interested why not take the chance? I also remember reading somewhere on this forum that they arent very strict with LOR's.. maybe call the admin office and tell them about your situation? I think they would understand that you're coming from a big school and I am sure they are aware of AADSAS's restrictions...



Sean: Ya.. I wasn't too optimistic on getting into any school in Canada.. i'm right at the bottom end of the range for previous accept UofA students.. I just hope I do really well on the DAT my second time around.. I wrote it last febuary while I was REALLY sick.. and only studied for a week.. so Im positive I can do better.. All I really need for Alberta is a better PAT score..

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