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Retaking this summer


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I wrote the mcat 5 years ago. I took the princeton review course and attended all the classes. I only did 2 of the practice exams that they provided on saturdays though. I got a 10 VR an 8 bio and an 8 phys with an S writing sample.


I don't have the money to do a prep course again. I want to study on my own. I have signed up for an august test date so I have about two months to study. I have my princeton review books from 5 years ago and I have some other mcat prep books from back then as well. Do you all think I can still use these or has the test changed such that I need to buy new books?


also, I am thinking I am going to emphasize studying the sciences and doing lots of practice questions/exams. Sound good?


Advice, please :)

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