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It's true that there's no white coat ceremony, but you will get a full length white lab coat from your parent hospital for ASCM. You will also have the chance to purchase a U of T lab coat for dissection labs.


Rather than a white coat ceremony, we did an swearing-of-the-oath (not quite Hippocratic) at the Dean's breakfast during O-Week.

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That is quite interesting, I forgot to consider that the coat could have a psychological effect and allow patients to feel more comfortable and instill a sense of trust. I always saw it as a garment that was great at capturing germs and transferring them from ward to ward (same reason why lab coats are not allowed to leave your lab).

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LOL it’s actually cute that you’re preparing for o-week from now, I don’t blame you. For o-week we placed an order for dissection kits, lab coat for anatomy, UofT medicine swag such as sweaters and joggers, the famous CMA backpack of the year, Some clinical skills stuff, a stethoscope, and you also get some merchandise from all the major banks...

edit: it’s optional though. For Example, I did not order my stethoscope from here, but got it from Amazon on prime day for cheaper, Because o-week only has the cardiology one, where as I wanted the cheaper classic one

On 12/22/2020 at 7:05 AM, Bava Samyuka said:

whether  med students can get their white coat in orientation week? What things we will get in orientation week? Even if there is no white coat ceremony can a u of t student get it?


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