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Ok, since this question comes up *all* the time, I figured I should start this thread. It's not quite the Accepted/Rejected thread because this will detail the stats people had and the according schools they applied to/interviewed at/got accepted into.


If you want to remain anonymous, maybe PM me and I'll edit this first post with your details sans the name? I won't reveal anything and I'm not reapplying to the States this year (see stats below).


Anyways, here goes...


cGPA - 3.6

sGPA - 3.33

gGPA - 4.0

MCAT - 10P/10V/11B/P

ECs - MSc, 4 conferences, 3 abstracts, 1 2nd author papers. NSERC, OGS, Dean's list. TA, private tutor, travels abroad, work with MSF, Peds ward volunteer, ESL teacher.

Applied to - AECOM, AMC, EVMS, GWU, Howard, Meharry, RFU, SLU, SUNY Upstate, Tulane, UVM, VCU, Wayne

Interviews - Wayne (declined it due to cost), Pre-interview holds from Howard, Meharry, SUNY, UVM, VCU.

Acceptances - none

Comments - applied WAY too late (late Sept) for someone with my stats. Apply early! Edit: I'm not a URM

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