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Hey all! Here's just a little info for the following schools:


U of Saskatchewan:

Accepted applicants = letters of offer will be sent out in late June via email and courier

Rejected + Waitlisted = letters will be sent at the same time as letters of offer but via regular mail..


U of Alberta:

Final admissions committee meeting is scheduled for the last week of June.

Letters will be sent (edit: mailed) end of June, early July to all prospective applicants.

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I'm IP. Somebody at the interview said that there were only like 40-42 IP interviews. Did you also hear something like that? Are you also IP? What are your stats?


My stats are:


2 year: 88% (out of 3 years)

DAT: 21.75

PAT: 17

AA: 21

RC: 24

Carving: 25


So I think I'm sitting somewhere around the mean. My 2 years could be a bit higher but my DAT was high enough. Depends how that interview went. I didn't feel all that strongly about it, but it was a big change for everyone involved with the interview format shift. Hoping that helps us out!

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Thats awesome, I think you have a good shot, the interview could be a killer though... I'm a bit worried. I took the med interview this year for practise cause you didn't have to write the MCAT and the application took like 10 minutes to fill out... I scored in the bottom 20 percent though :confused: and both interviews were very much the same.


My stats are:


2 year average: 90.3 %




DAT: 19.75


PAT: 20

RC: 23

AA: 20

Carving: 16 :(


Ya, they said around 40 IP applicants interviewed for 22 spots. The cutoff average for interview offers was also fairly low at 82.4%. This means that it is not a very competitive year and as long as you didn't bomb the interview, which I'm afraid I did, you have a very good shot if you are above 86-87% academic average and a decent DAT.


Is this your first time applying? And do you know how they score the interview?

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