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I had similar stats and got accepted to a few schools.


Your GPA is a bit on the low side and MCAT is spot on if not slightly higher for matriculants. But as anyone on this board will tell you, as a Canadian, you need slightly higher stats/better application than your US counterparts to be competitive.


I would apply early and broadly (have a look on threads in this forum to see where people have interviewed/accepted). Make sure that the rest of your application is solid (ECs, LoRs, Personal Statement) as this will make your application more competitive.


You do have a shot but your facing an uphill battle so make sure to have a solid application, apply early and broadly!


Good luck!

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Guest copacetic
Canadian citizen, undergrad from U of T

4 year cGPA: 3.55

MCAT (2007): 13P, 7V, 14B, M (34M)

MCAT (2008): 12P, 8V, 12B, O (32O)


I'm thinking of doing an extra year of courses to increase my GPA, and also re-taking the MCAT this summer. Do you guys think this is a good plan?


Which US schools would you suggest I look into for this cycle? Thanks for your input :)


i had similar stats...except my MCAT was more balanced. i also did an extra year. you need to make sure you have really good and diverese extraccurics. develop that through this year and your should have a decent shot. consider Wayne state, SUNY upstate, albany, case western (if you have research experience)

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One thing to note is that unlike in Canada, there is a stigma against being a re-applicant in the US.


So if you are going to take another year of classes and imrpove your ECs etc. you might want to skip applying this cycle.

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This depends, but I'm glad token brought it up because it needs to be addressed.


A re-applicant status is a double edged sword. If you are a re-applicant and have taken the necessary steps to improve on your weaknesses then it might be a positive for you, since it shows perseverance, dedication, and commitment to medicine. My friend went from 3 interviews one year to 9 (or 10) the next. She improved her GPA, LoRs, and did a lot of activites to boost her ECs (included getting a paper submitted and getting more clinical experience/job shadowing - so joining a club isn't substantial enough).

Ad comms want to see that you took the necessary steps to 1) identify your weaknesses, and 2) improve your application.


Now, if you are a re-applicant with the same application as last year you are going to get burned. In fact you might not get the same interviews you got last year and are surely in a worse spot than before.


I've been looking into this lately, and if necessary, consult the SDN forums, they have an entire thread for reapplicants.


For anyone who is reapplying simply to "toss the dice just one more time" in hopes of success - don't. Take a year or two off, improve your application, and come back again.

Great post...this a really important issue...you should add it to the FAQ!

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