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Are there any special cellular plans for UofA med students? I have been with Rogers forever and I want to upgrade my phone, but I am wondering if they have any discounted rates for med students/any other promotional offers





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I just got an iphone 8g 3G refreshed for $49 from Fido on a $25 monthly plan which included 200 daytime minutes, unlimited evening/weekends/fido to fido, voice mail/caller ID, 2000 text, no saf + $30 6gig monthly plan which they only offer until Sept 15, after that it's $60 for 3gig and $30 for 1 gig. 3 year plan though.


I know it isn't anything special, and may be the plan that most people with iphones have, but I think it's still pretty good, since everyone has this deal. 6gig plans are going to be gone soon too.


And a refreshed iphone for $49 is decent imo. When I asked them what refreshed means, they said the phones are not refurbished, but rather slightly used. They call the phones people return after the 2 week trial period "refreshed" phones. So apparently the iphones were brand new, but someone used it for 2 weeks and decided they don't like it and returned them, and for that Fido knocks off $50. They promised me that it's practically new, with no scratches or damage. I don't trust them one bit but still hopeful. I don't mind a slightly used phone anyway since I will abuse it myself soon after I get it.


I am actually paying just $29 for my refreshed iphone 8gig 3G, since I had $22 fido dollars from my past year with them on a month to month plan (which was a rip off since I was paying $45/month for ****ty features).

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