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Acceptance rates into residencies for Australian Grads

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Hello everyone!,


I have just received admission from the University of Queensland in Australia and now I am in the dilemma of whether I should go or not. Currently I am a second year student of Electrical Engineering (after completing my bachelor of Health Sciences) in Canada.


After reading several posts regarding the position of Australian med school grads, I have concluded that it is going to cost me over 300k (after factoring in the interests on loans and living expenses for the duration of my stay there). This, adding to the fact that it would be ridiculously hard to secure a residency position in Aus/Can/US/UK.


My questions are as follows (I know these questions are vague and individual-specific, so please bear with me):


1. On average, how long would it be before I am debt free? I have a feeling that I'll be over 40 before I even start making money (My age is 23 now, assume maximum loan payback per year, general medicine specialty).


2. How hard is it *really* to get a spot on residency (or internship in Australia):

2(a): In Australia

2(B): In Canada

2©: In US

2(d): In UK



Also, if there are any graduates/current students from UQ, please PM me. I would like to have some questions/concerns answered.



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