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Hey Everyone,


I did MCATs last summer, passed with flying colours, and got accepted to med school starting in Sept, so I will never be needing those books again (phew!). I am selling the following, private-msg me if you are interested:



Kaplan Books - Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Verbal Edge (more verbal reasoning techniques), High-Yield Problem Solving guide, Lesson/Exercise Book (with filled in answers, definitions and lectures)


Princeton Review: "Cracking the MCAT CBT" and "Hyperlearning Practice Tests A-D"


Peace Out.

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The Gold Standard MCAT is an awesome review book. Better than Kaplan, Barrons, Examkrakers by far. The reason this is said is because the Gold Standard MCAT outlines what you need to remember, what you neeed to understand and what you dont need to know. Kaplan and the other MCAT books are ****ty. Kaplan and the rest give you so much information in their books and all this info is not needed. that is the problem with those books; they make you gather all the information and then you get overwhelmed by it and end up forgetting it. Trust me i bought the gold standard and so did the whole premed club at my school, which is Harvard. We did our research before buying the MCAT review book. Believe it or not we ordered 1 book of each company - expenses paid by the pre med club. We reviewed the books quickly and made comparisons. BY FARRRR.... The Gold Standard MCAT is amazing. It wouldn`t be a best seller for no reason. The AAMC also recommends the book. I am in med school now so i dont think i remember their site. I think it is MCAT-PREP.COM. i am not sure, just type in The Gold Standard MCAT in the google search engine. I used this book and so did the whole premed club and we all did great on the MCAT exam Thats why i am proud to talk so nicely about the book. If it wasnt for the book i dont think i would be here.


who do you think will buy this book now? you're just pissing everyone off.


or maybe that's your plan....ahh haaa

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