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my chances?! - double post! Please ignore this one.

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Hey all, i just registered and this is my first post here. Hopefully I'll get lots of responses. I majored in molecular biology and right now I'm doing a course work masters (almost finished). I don't have the hottest GPA right now and am WORRIED!




Avg undergrad is 3.05 cGPA, pretty much the same for sciGPA


Physiology masters - 3.51 GPA


SO question is, do I even have chances? If so, how crazy high does my DAT score needs to be for me to be accepted into canadian dental schools? Which one(s)?


I have done quite a bit of research with three different labs (for eight months each, one of them being an oral cancer research lab), and did co-op at two biopharma companies (also, 8 mos each)

Worked as a dental assistant for 2.5 years

Played violin since 12 years old and played in an orchestra for three years

Travel (solo backpacking for a 1.5 months - europe), international volunteering experiences (nicaragua)


THANKS A LOT GUYS in advance!

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