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Tranferring Acceptance Paranoia

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Not sure If anyone else has had this issue or if maybe I'm just being paranoid.


I recently got accepted to U of A off the waitlist, but was accepted outright at UManitoba. I sent in my confirmation to UManitoba (since a bird in hand was better than two in the bush at the time) but now since I've now been accepted and have decided to go to U of A.


So the question is: Since you can only be enrolled in one med school at any given point, do I have to refuse my offer at UManitoba before U of A will accept my confirmation (which I sent this morning) or will they accept me and then contact me to clarify that U of A is my actual choice? (Leaving me free to decline UManitoba AFTER U of A accepts me).


I'm paranoid that a clerical error will leave me high and dry, since I can't go back to my UManitoba acceptance if something goes wrong with my U of A acceptance.

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