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Here you go:


Tuition: $13,818

General Fees: $ 600

Books & Instruments: $ 3,740 (year one), $2,340 (years two and three)

Other Costs

Membership in the Canadian Medical and Alberta Medical Association $ 66.00

Membership in the Canadian Federation of Medical Students $ 48.00

Calgary Medical Students’ Association $ 82.00

Registration with College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta $ 50.00


Found it here: http://www.medicine.ucalgary.ca/mdprogram/files/mdprogram/Applicants%20Manual%20-%202008-2009.pdf


It's in the applicant manual, along with the instructions on how to apply. I don't know if it is expected to increase or not though

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their "instruments/books" fee is a bit absurd. i think i spent 500-800 this year and definitely overspent on stuff. you could easily get away with a white coat, stethoscope (150 on sale @ the start of the year) and then find books/online resources that are much better than buying hard copies of everything.

i know next year i will be buying very limited books - probably mostly for clerkship.

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every student in our class (minus one, who won a master cardiology) bought the cardiology III. we get a 150+ dollar discount as students @ the bookstore. and the classic II is marked down a lot as well if that's your thing.

the flippable bell.diaphragm thing is handy and some preceptors expect you to have it for certain physical exam maneuvers.

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