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second yr chemistry and choosing a program


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Hey bacon


I don't have any great advice or knowledge to share. I assume that any summer course you may take will not interfere you carrying a full course load during the normal academic fall/winter UG year. Otherwise, this may well affect your ability to get into med school. I guess, if need be, you can go to the OMSAS Booklet and websites of various med schools.


I read your post once and could have gotten a headache from it if not in a good mood now lol. Really, each of us have to make decisions of what to study and nobody makes perfect decisions. Just study something that you enjoy, in which you are interested and take courses that will prepare you for MCAT or to allow you to apply to med schools, some of which have no prerequisites. I am thinking now about whether or not to take statistics, U/T med 'recoomends' but does not require it, U of Alberta requires it, so I will make up my moind by Sept. when I can still change courses.


Just remember, you want to come out of UG so that you can make a life for yourself after, so in your plans, prepare to study something you will enjoy, in which you can excel and that will help lead to a productive life and career, other than medicine.


I am sure others will give you better and more detailed advice than I. Good luck.

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