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My future is literally a lottery.

Breathe in, breathe out, and repeat.

Some might prefer the book version

May the force be with you. :P


Bravery, courage are in short supply.


Merkel to form a minority government.


More dead bodies in Nairobi mall.

Continuing trying to neutralize the terrorists.


Christians became the target in Pakistan.

Worst attack in history of country.


Switzerland voted: retains compulsory military service.


Kenya: Final assault against terrorists proceeds.

They threaten to kill remaining hostages.

US investigating US young Somali involvement.


Terrorism is attacking the civilized world

by going after the vulnerable underbelly.

Thus, Kenya, Pakistan, even the US.

World is no longer the same.

Terrorism has reached North American borders

and it is not going away.


Almost all hostages have been evacuated.

Israelis and US are helping out.


Al-Shabaab have to be totally destroyed.

They consist of several thousand terrorists

and appear to be to Somalia.


Almost all hostages have been freed.


Two Canadians died in Kenya massacre.

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Short essays are very simple and less time consuming form of essay writing. You have the topic in hand, research or think well about that and start writing your paragraphs.Write a short essay about life by covering some important aspects of life moves. I do not have previous experience in writing a short essay and it’s difficult for me to face this kind of writing genre for the first time.

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Provided it is not too much.


The early bird gets the worm.

Make sure you are a bird! :)


Latest appreciation thread of rmorelan: overdue! :P


Another unsung hero here is tooty!


US economy to take a hit!

All because of their stupid politicians.


UN raporteur critical: Canada's aboriginal rights.


Often, generosity decreases with increased wealth.

Wealthier feel less compassion, less empathy

and value their own self-interest most.

Unethical behaviour increases with increased wealth.

People who feel rich are greedier.

Wealth makes people aggressive, want more.

Monopoly winners feel they deserve it.

Wealth buys independence from other people.

Buffet and Gates are the exceptions.


Being good to others ought not

require recognition or a reputational gain.

Self-interest shouldn't be a consideration.


USA didn't go over the cliff.

However, the financial problem does remain

and they only bought some time.


Time perhaps to go to sleep.


Canadian inflation rate is now 1.1%.


Snow will soon be upon us.


It keeps getting colder these days.


Teachers leaving profession at alarming rate.


US bank t/b fined multi billions.


Senator Duffy created mischief in Parliament.


Conservatives are disingenuis with the truth.


Be kind as best you can.


73 million youths unemployed throughout world!


Conservatives meet under cloud of scandal.


Boston Red Sox: World Series Champs!


Harper's credibility is on the line.

Senate scandal needs explaining in Calgary.


Another doping scandal for Canadian cycler.


The Toronto police have Ford video.

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Nazi-looted art treasures discovered in Munich.

Authorities kept find secret for years.


RCMP wants to see Duffy documents.

All this may haunt Prime Minister.

It smells like a cover up!


Fate of 3 senators coming today.

Each case to be decided separately.


Rob Ford's drug problems scandal continues.


Encana cutting 20% of their workforce.

They are seriously cutting their dividend.


Nazi-looted art treasures discovered in Munich.

Authorities kept find secret for years.


Germans not looking for rightful owners.

There is 30yr statute of limitations

so, rightful owners may not know,

with government ending up as owner.

They are playing rather greedy game,

taking advantage of lack of knowledge.

This is not an ethical position.


9M require assistance in Syrian crisis.

Syria is no longer polio free.


India first Asian country to Mars.

Is this money well spent when

there is so much poverty there?


War of words, Ford - Police Chief.

Ford won't talk about infamous video.

Ford's brother wants Police Chief investigated,

claims his comments political, biased, unfair.

Fords want him to release video.

Want to deflect attention from Ford.

Move now to restrict Mayor's powers

so he cannot retaliate against councillors.


Toronto Mayor admitted smoking crack cocaine.

This opens him up to charges.


3 Senators dismissed. It ain't over.


McGill: University applicants have 3 hours!


Ford has given Toronto international reputation.


PQ to present Values Charter today.

The Charter title is 28 words.

An opposition party required t/b law.


Twitter begins trading on NYSE today.

Twitter has set IPO at $26.

500M tweets are sent each day.


New video in the Ford scandal?

This would be the third video.


Duffy's lawyer gave emails to RCMP.

The Opposition claims PM in cover-up.


New $5, $10 bills out today.


Ford was incoherent addressing recent video.

He is major embarrassment to Canada.

He needs t/b removed as mayor.

This will take the provincial legislature.

He blames alcoholism for the drugs.

The man is in selfish denial.

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