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Criminal Record Check

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So I'm flipping through the orientation package we received last week and I see that we need a criminal record check for school as well (on top of the one we needed for the college). Since the college wanted the original I opted to send them the original directly. Is my best bet to spend another 31 dollars and have one done for school (do they want an original?) or contact the college so I can get a copy of the one they will be receiving in a few weeks?



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just in case anyone else has been procrastinating as much as i have...


you can get you criminal record check done in three days if you go to the Commisionaires office (on stafford next to st. mary's academy). you have to bring the original with you to registration.


the child abuse registry does take up to 6 weeks. you can get this done in the same place as the criminal record check. just get your receipt and bring that to registration as well.


i just talked to someone as UofM admission about this and figured i'd share

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