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MCAT Strategy - How to Maximize Performance on Test Day Part 1


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In this video, I discuss advice on how to prepare for the test day in order to maximize your performance. This is important because performing well is just as important as preparing well. When you put the two together, you will achieve your maximum score.


Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome.


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-MCAT Strategy

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Sounds a lot like the strategy class for Kaplan :P I'm sure people who aren't taking a course will benefit though.


Also, regarding the sound issue, the AAMC website actually states that you can bring your own ear plugs in an unopened package and get them inspected on test day, so you don't have to wear those industrial hearing protectors.


here's the link, cheers!


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The similarities are interesting. I didn't take Kaplan and TPR doesn't have a strategy session.


Thanks for the update about ear plugs. I took it on the first CBT offering and at that time, you weren't allowed to bring your own. Glad they updated the policy. I will make an annotation on my video clearing it up. Thanks again.

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