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Any experience with the course?


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I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to take the Kaplan course (or any other course for that manner). How many have you have taken it and how have you found it?


I learn by listening but I can also learn by reading (I've done just as well in classes that I attend with great profs as in classes that I never go to with terrible profs). My biggest worry is that I haven't taken physics since high school and its been 3 years since I took gen chem and organic. I have friends that are very strong in those subjects and willing to tutor me.


But will that be enough? Would the Kaplan courrse provide me with a strong enough basis on these subjects (some things I need to literally re-learn since I never fully got them!) or would I be better off to use that money and hire private tutors? (my other option)



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I took kaplan with a pretty strong science foundation, but after having attending their classes, I know that they teach you starting from the very basics. It will be A LOT of work (i.e. doing all the practice quizzes and tests, asking the teacher for help) if you don't remember too much from your science courses, but it will definitely prepare you.


With that said, I'm not endorsing Kaplan courses. The decision really comes down to whether you can afford it and whether you (with the help of your tutors) can motivate yourself to stick to a study plan that really reinforces your understanding of the material. If you're confident in your self studying ability and your tutors, then Kaplan may not be necessary.

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