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If anyone has a chance to review some of the key details of my EC’s and let me know what you think, it would be sincerely appreciated! :)


Last year, my file was not reviewed as my OGPA was 74.7%, and as such, I do not know where I now sit in regards to my NAQ score. Since this time however, I have taken 8 extra 4th year courses as part of my DPSM program (receiving an A+ in all of them), so I expect to sit at the following in regards to my AQ qualities for the next admissions cycle:


IB Diploma – 2001

B.Sc. with Distinction (UVic) – 2005

M.Sc. (UVic) – 2008

Diploma in Public Sector Management (UVic) – 2010


Pre-req’s: 75%

OGPA: ~77.5%

Last 20 Courses: ~87-88%

MCAT: Expired – will redo this summer (was 34Q in 2005).


In turn, I am thinking I will be around a 17 for my AQ, and therefore will need ~18-19 for my NAQ score. I still have the summer to bring this up, so I was wondering what anyone would suggest to add on my list:


Key NAQ experiences (forgive the point-form nature):


*First author publication in prestigious international journal (IF: 4.05). “highly accessed designation” / “featured article for Aug. 2008” / Accessed over 6000 times / Cited 5 times as of 2008.


*2 full-time years (~2700 hours) working in Mental Health and Addictions for the Vancouver Island Health Authority: Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Seven Oaks Tertiary Facility and mental health and addiction outreach on all four of Victoria’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams + ~200 hours in Community Support Services. Responsibilities include: medication administration, psychosocial rehabilitation, care-service planning, doctor rounds, mental health assessment (for respite), housing-placement, withdrawal management, case management, etc…


*5 years of university-level teaching:


-Lab TA for 3 courses at UVic (9 sections in total, ~200 students) – biol225, 230, 362

-MCAT Preparatory instructor – 2 years – Kaplan college – taught all areas of the MCAT to ~100 students in total.

-3 years teaching for Prep101: Designing/teaching prep-courses for Chem101/102/231 and Phys102 at UVic, as well as other chemistry courses at UBC and U of A – over 1200 students taught.


*7 years as national level rugby referee (450+ games officiated) – 3rd highest ranked referee on Vancouver Island, 7th in B.C. / referee premiere men’s and national teams / member of the executive for V.I. referees.


*3 years playing varsity rugby for UVic.


*Prep101 operations manager at UVic (1 year) – managed to increase our revenue in a single year by over 100%.


*Lots of other “smaller” experiences: volunteer in hospital, volunteer researcher, pianist, some traveling, coaching rugby, nominated finalist for VI Leadership Award, etc…


This summer I was planning to teach the entire Prep101 (not Kaplan) MCAT course over May to July (~107 hours of teaching) and then my wife and I were going to move to Alberta by Sept 1st so that I could apply there as well. Is there something different I should do? Does anyone see a gapping hole in my EC’s (predicted score?)?


Thanks for any feedback...

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Your NAQ looks quite well rounded and you have some very impressive activities. Your work at Seven Oaks shows an ability to work with people 'outside your comfort zone', as well as many other very positive traits. Your teaching experiences show leadership. Refereeing at a national level would likely get you points for the high achievement section. You have several long term commitments and a variety of experiences that look diverse and interesting. Overall I'd say that with your marks you're on the cusp, but I think you do have a shot of landing an interview next year. Goodluck in your application :)

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