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does anyone why...

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When I applied (2007), all sections carried the same weight. I attended a meeting back when they were discussing implementing these and other changes to application process... I recall the rationale for the change was that BS and VR are more applicable to medical school in general, and better performance on these sections is more strongly correlated to later medical board exam success.

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really? and other med schools haven't caught on to this?


Other med schools have looked at this. UofC has a similar weighting of the sections and Mac only uses VR. At other schools (like USask and possibly UBC) since the MCAT is only used as a flag it doesn't matter what your actual score is.

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U of C only uses VR? They might as well get applicants to write the LSAT or GMAT.


IMO, you need some science in there. What if someone just took an Arts degree then got the pre-reqs like one at a time...


You meant McMaster.


Which uses these formulae:


Formula 1 - 32% Undergraduate Grade Point Average, 32% MCAT Verbal Reasoning Score, 32% Autobiographical Submission Score, up to 4% Graduate degree (1% Master's degree/4% PhD).


Formula 2 - 70% Multiple Mini Interview Score, 15% Undergraduate Grade Point Average, 15% MCAT Verbal Reasoning Score.




However, less than 10% have a non-science/health field background.


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