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Looking for a room to rent long-term (1 year) in Winnipeg

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I am 90% sure I will be completing my prerequisites for medical school at the U of Manitoba and got the idea to post here looking for a room. I am starting classes May 1, but can live in the dorms until something opens up, if necessary. I know the med school is far from the undergraduate campus, but I'd consider anything.


I am:

-Female, from Minnesota, but I lived in Russia for four years, and went to university in DC

-Undergraduate is in Russian lang&lit and I worked in public health for 3 years

-27 years old

-A little messy, but mostly in my room, I really make an effort outside my room

-Like to cook but won't cook much because I'll be busy/trying to lose weight for a wedding ;-)

-Like things quiet


I'd really like to live with someone who isn't totally obsessed with things being spotless, but who is quiet and doesn't have people over a lot. I decided to post here because I'd like to meet other people my age who are doing a similar thing (it just happens that other people in their mid to late 20s are already in medical school/residency).


Male or female is fine.



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