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Models of Human Diseases consortium - volunteer positions for premed students

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Thank you for your interest. here are some details about this position:

Models of Human diseases consortium launched a volunteer program for premed students. This is a great opportunity to get involved with a global medical project initiated by bio-medical researchers from University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine. We need volunteers to help us build a data base of laboratories from Ontario, Canada, North

America, Europe and Japan, as well as from selected countries all over the globe that use mouse or rats

as model organisms for 18 major categories of diseases. Our organization can not pay you for your work,

however we can provide you with letters of references. It is a great opportunity to acquire skills in biomedical research. Your contribution will also be acknowledged on the Models of Human Diseases website http://www.wix.com/conferencenet/mouse

Please contact Dr. Rosalind Silverman at Rosalind.silverman.gavrila@utoronto.ca for further details and to request an application form.

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