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Change of plans...

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I graduated high school in 2009. My original plan was to get a job involving computers and technology. I was just going to go to community college and then maybe continue on to university afterward. So I took mostly applied classes and avoided taking additional science classes just because i knew i didn't need them (or so i thought). So in a nutshell I didn't take pre university classes i went in the wrong direction entirely.


Anyway, after being out of high school for a year and having already enrolled in a 2 year college computer program I decided that I want to be a doctor. Ive always wanted to but several things were deterring me from trying. So yes in spite of the ridiculous amount of obstacles I'll have to deal with, I'm going for it


So can anyone please tell me what i need to do to get accepted into a university?


What would be considered decent courses in University to get into med school. ("premed")


Do i need to take a 2 year course in college and then go to university?


If thats the case what 2 year courses can i take to get accepted in to a decent "premed" university course? (i know theres no real premed)


Can i just go to a school for adults or something and obtain a few nice credits with high grades and get accepted?


Are there other alternatives?



Please help. Thanks.

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I think if you wanted to wait, perhaps finish the college degree, you can apply to university as a mature student. Then you don't have to worry about the high school courses.


I'm not sure though, look up about applying as a mature student.

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