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Rent in Hamilton

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Avoid living in the core of Hamilton. It is a slum with a high crime rate and a mostly degenerate population. Unlike most major cities, the downtown core of Hamilton is derelict and devoid of culture, entertainment, etc. Especially avoid living ANYWHERE North of Main and East of James. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Consider renting in the surrounding smaller communities like Ancaster or Dundas. These are nice, quiet places where you won't have to worry about your car being vandalized repeatedly.


Do not buy. Houses are going for cheap here because they're impossible to sell. The only people who tend to move to Hamilton seem to be people who work at McMaster. You'll be stuck with an illiquid asset.


To find places to rent, you could use kijiji or craigslist, but beware of scammers. You could also use the mcmaster graduate student website to find housing, which tends to be of better quality. MLS has rental properties listed as well but they tend to be severely overpriced, and realtors are as slimy as they come.


PS Do not pay asking price at Chateau Royale. It's an ugly building with a weird layout right on the edge of slumville and next to the loud GO station. Apartments here start at $12-1500/mo. Do not accept it. Talk them down HARD if you want to live in that hole.

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The Locke St area is also quite nice. It's not quite as close to Mac as Westdale but still only a 5 min drive or bus ride, and you avoid living in an area largely populated by undergrads. It's also quite close (<5-10 min) to the other Hamilton hospitals. This area is mostly large older homes with duplexes/triplexes. I lived in a triplex in the Locke and Herkimer area and it's a really nice, quiet neighbourhood. There's also many trendy shops and restaurants on Locke St and the general area is within walking distance to the Chedoke golf course and trails along the escarpment. There are always lots of places for rent in this area but unfortunately finding a great place means walking/driving around and looking in person as often the only advertisement is a sign on the front lawn/window. Not sure if this would be an option for you but I would highly recommend it.

As mentioned above, Ancaster and Dundas are nice areas, however they are quite a bit further from the area hospitals, will no doubt be expensive and opportunities for renters are few and far between.


Hope this helps.


Good luck...and welcome to Hamilton!



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Thank you everyone for the excellent advice.


I was planning to find a place near St. Joseph Hospital because I will spend at least 6 months of my first year of residency there. I found few places on Bold street using viewit.ca, but most of these apartment buildings are really old.


I will come to Hamilton after I'm done with the lmcc to look for a place.


Thanks again,


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