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I was recently introduced to the DO route for medicine in the states and was wondering what people feel about DOs versus traveling to an Irish medical school?


if u want to come back to canada to do residency, D.O route is not a good idea. Carms only allows u to match to family residency, and this can only be done in two provinces. I believe ontario is one of them.


Money wise, D.O is probably cheaper but the difference is not outstanding. At least for me, the difference was not significant enough for me to want a D.O. As well, depending on whether or not you care what other people think, there is some sort of stigma associated with a D.O.


on the other hand, if you are positive you want to do FM, then D.O is great as you are not considered an IMG. There is a good chance to secure a residency in ontario.. and whatever that other province is.

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