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Used 2008 Princeton Hyperlearning MCAT Books

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For just $100 you'll receive...


Hyperlearning MCAT Physical Sciences Review

Hyperlearning MCAT Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review

Hyperlearning MCAT In-Class Compendium

Hyperlearning MCAT Verbal Workbook

Hyperlearning MCAT Biological Sciences Review

Hyperlearning MCAT Science Workbook


I'm also going to include the Princeton Review's MCAT Workout book which includes 2 full-length tests and ExamKrackers Verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Techniques book.


Only verbal is highlighted. I did circle answers in pencil but I will erase them all so that there are no visible traces left behind...just for you!


Having read through both the 2008 and 2009 Princeton Review Hyperlearning books I can tell you the changes are minimal. The material is the same and so are a hefty majority of the practice questions.


I'm at UWO in London, ON.

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