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MCAT Materials for Sale - Ottawa/Montreal


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Kaplan Practice Tests ($15) - two full length practice tests. No markings, full explanations with answers. Included Kaplan's "MCAT Strategies section".


Kaplan Premier Program ($60) - two full length tests (one online, one in book) and CD with practice questions. Very minimal markings, in good condition. 2008-2009 edition.


Kaplan "New MCAT in a box" ($30) - 700 science flashcards covering BS and PS. Awesome for portable review - I used these everyday last summer on my 20 minute walk to work...and at work. In great condition, still sorted by topic (org, bio, phys, chem).


EK Verbal 101 Passages ($25) - 14 verbal tests, THE verbal book. No markings.



I live in Ottawa in the market area, but will be in Montreal middle of next week so I can sell to someone there too. I have a car that I can use so I'm flexible to sell to the greater Ottawa area. Prices are NEGOTIABLE! Just don't want this stuff sitting around reminding me of the MCAT.


PM me!

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