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Would you boycott Nygard 'cause Peter's an a**hole?

Would you boycott Nygard clothing because Peter's a ****?  

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  1. 1. Would you boycott Nygard clothing because Peter's a ****?

    • Yes! I don't think it's acceptable to treat people this way, and so I won't support his company.
    • No. I don't think he's such a bad boss.
    • No. I don't think that my boycotting Nygard will make any difference.
    • I'd rather die than buy Nygard. The clothes are ugly and out of touch.
    • I don't know.

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Watching CBC video instead of studying.


According to the fifth estate's expose, Peter Nygard is a real tool.



Would you not buy his clothing because he's [allegedly] such a phallus head? Or is it a mistake to do this?


(In my Catholic highschool, we conspicuously avoided studying Byron because of his reputation as a sexual scoundrel. But the poetry is good. Is it mistake to condemn the product because of the producer?)

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