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Anybody written in Buffalo?


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I think that's fine. So long as you find out where the place is and go to the physical location before the date. There are 3 bridges to get over (Peace, Rainbow, Queenston) but they're about 20-30 min apart from each other. Check the website before going over. If you live far from the border, I would suggest getting there a night before and just spending a night at the motel. Otherwise, hold-ups at the border are rare but very very unpredictable. Sometimes the wait is 10 min, sometimes they can close the border for "national security" and you don't know when they are opening but you are boxed in on the bridge and can't turn around.

Anyways, not trying to scare you about the border but just letting you know that **** can happen. So if I were you, I'd get there a night before just in case.

And don't forget your passport! But you knew that already. lol

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