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Disadvantage for 3rd year applicants?

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Statistics show that UBC only takes in ~10-20 people per year with no post-secondary degree of any sort by the time of matriculation.


This could be due to one of several possibilities:


1) Not many 3rd years apply in the first place.


2) The average 3rd year applicant would be quite young, and therefore do not have not much experiences for the NAQ, so not many of them makes it to the interview stage. But once he/she makes it there, they are not discriminated against.


3) UBC prefers people who have at least a post-secondary degree by the time of matriculation, so they wouldn't take people who don't have one, unless the applicant is truly exceptional throughout all stages of the application. (This seems to echo an earlier post where a 3rd year was rejected despite having high GPA and above-average interview, but had sub-par NAQ. This is the only time I've ever heard someone rejected with an above average interview.)


Anyone shed some light on this issue?


Thanks in advance!

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