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I just wrote a practice MCAT with Kaplan, on site, for free. It was just the first three sections, and was about 3 hours long (a little shorter than the three sections on the real MCAT). I was wondering if any one knows how representative this test is of the real one (obviously with the exception of the WS).


The reason I ask is because I am currently very swamped with finals, but I am writing in May. I found the test pretty easy with the exception of bio, since my education in the field is relatively lacking (I am undergrad chem eng).


I scored a P 12, VR 11, Bio/organic 10 without having the chance to study, and with accidentally filling out a wrong answer or two (I compared the answer key to what i had circled on the copy I kept, and noticed I must have miss entered the answers)... I feel like this is a 'decent' score, but if the test is well known to be too easy, I will take the result less seriously... either way I need to do some more bio...

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That's funny, cause when I wrote the practice Kaplan tests, I found them harder than the practice AAMC tests, which are probably the most indicative of what the actual MCAT will be like.


Your score is good, which is a good sign! Have you tried writing any of the practice AAMC tests yet? They are a little pricey ($40 each, but test 3 is free!) but definitely worth it. They might give you a better idea of what kind of score you can expect. And as your test date approaches, writing practice tests is probably the best preparation you can do!


Good luck! :)

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