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MSc before or after med school?

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So I was scanning these forums and I noticed that a few people mentioned that some academic centers require their doctors to have a Masters to hire them. Most people talked about getting this Masters once matched by CaRMS. So I had two quick questions:


1) If you complete an MSc before med school (I am applying next year and if that doesn't work out then I'm going to do a MSc and apply again) will that be valid and therefore, I wouldn't have to do one before residency? Or is the MSc that's completed before residency different or something then the one I would complete now?


2) How exactly do you do your masters before residency? So lets say I get into med school, go through the match and get matched with "Specialty A". Would I just defer the start of my residency to complete the masters? Or would the masters count as part of my residency? Are you allowed to just wait to start residency to do your MSc? It seems weird to me that you can just stick it in there when you've been matched and have your residency set up.


Thanks for the help! I know it's VERY early for me to look into this considering I haven't gotten in yet and may never get in, but I'm curious about this!

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