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MED SHOW-invite to all premeds! www.uottawamedshow.com

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Hey Premeds (and those anxiously waiting for mid May)!


Every year, the 1st year uOttawa Med class puts on an amazing med show consisting of scripted acting, music, talent and any other crazy ability that our classmates have.


The show theme this year is based on a reality tv spoof of 6 interns...so trust me, even if you dont like talent shows, you'll want to be there to get the inside scoop on being a med student and intern.


Check out http://www.uottawamedshow.com for details...the website rocks!


Tickets are only $8 and all proceeds go to charity. The show dates run from April 22-24.


I hope you all can come out, enjoy the useful information about being a med student and have a great time!

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