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I'm thinking of taking Kaplan MCat for DAT this summer. since, DAT program is not offered during Summer at London, ontario.


I wanna take it

1) will help me push myself

2) it's better to die on a sinking ship than dying in the dessert. i guess. lol so, i'll be with other ppl spending my time on campus studying this summer



Don't wanna take it:

1) hell it's expensive..bye bye $1000

2) not everything we'd study will be relevant to canadian Dat..but may be to american dat



Don't know guys..what do you all think?

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If you know how to carve, then just buy the DAT Kaplan book. Study from that and that's good enough (just toss out the unnecessary stuff like math - unless you want to write the american dat). It's probably a good idea to buy some of the previous years' books for more practice exams. You won't spend anywhere near $1000 :)


I'm being totally honest, but I bought my Kaplan DAT book 7 days before the exam to grind in the bio, chem and PAT, and I got 20+ across the board (I learned carving from a dent student beforehand though). So if you have a whole summer ahead of you, you'll have more than enough time to get competive scores.

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I bought the Kaplan DAT books for 80 bucks off of craigslist. Funny story, all I wanted was the bendy carving ruler. Turned out the books were great too...


The DAT can quite easily be prepared for on your own if you buy some resources on the internet.

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