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What MCAT prep books did you use? I only have TPR. What else should i get


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I have hyperlearning princton review. What else should i get other than the AAMC practice tests. Has anyone tried TBR?


I have some TBR books. The content is up to par with other review companies, however, what gives them an edge over TPR are the passages at the end of each chapter. I can't compare TBR to Kaplan because I have never tried Kaplan's material, however, I do hear that Kaplan's full length test are pretty good too. Honestly, don't go out spending a tone of money right off the bat. Start with TPR and if you feel you need less of a review than get some EK stuff. On the other hand, if you feel you need a more thorough review get TBR. But just to give you a heads up TBR takes super long to get (and unless you get creative, you will have to pay for duty). I would recommend you save your pennies for practice material.




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