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Short on time but want to ace the MCAT? I'm selling "MCAT by Audio Osmosis" by Examkrackers! 12 CD's cover everything you need to know for the MCAT. Really dynamic, comical and memorable. Download it to your iphone, ipod etc and prep for the MCAT while commuting to work or working out.


After trying Princeton and Kaplan for my first MCAT, I rewrote using this resource and scored 6 points higher than my first MCAT (high enough to receive interviews and acceptances from Canada, US, and Australian schools (except Canadian results unknown in May so don't know about those schools yet.)


Brand new, still in package. Not a dent, scratch etc.


I paid $250, but I'll accept $160 at a negotiable price. Obviously, I have no use of this now. It's a good buy and a great resource!! PM if interested. You won't regret it...or at least I didn't.

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If they're brand new in package... how did you use them?


My friend and I studied together and both bought a copy, so we shared his and mine is still new. Actually we met at Kaplan and didn't do well that year so the subsequent year, we studied using this resource.


I'm sure there's students who went into the MCAT without studying an hour and did well. Unfortunately, I'm not that kind of student and needed to really prepare.

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