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Questions about taking medical school Pre-reqs after undergrad

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Hi guys,


Hope you are all well :)


I am in 4th year and will be graduating from UofT this year. I applied to med this year but I didnt get in and it was expected because my MCAT was 27S V10/P7/B10 Essay: S. I only applied to Mac and Ottawa because of my bad MCAT (which i will retake this year and actually study for it this time..had too much fun last summer).


Anyways, my GPA: 1st yr: 3.51 2nd: 3.87 3rd: 3.94 4th: will be 3.94 or 3.96. My omsas GPA: 1styr: 3.49 2nd: 3.81 3rd: 3.925 4th: 3.925 or 3.93


I will hopefully make the GPA cutoffs next year, but there is something I wanted to ask you guys:


1) I wanted to a full year physics, and half year inorganic chem course with lab at another univeristy (like ryerson) during the school year 2011. Now I just want the credit for these courses because Im planning to apply to the states this year too and those are the pre-req credits im missing for certain state med schools that i want to attend.


I dont want to take these courses at UofT cuz its hard there lol and I dont want to touch my undergrad GPA.


So, how will taking these courses affect my applications to the Ontario medical schools. For example, Ottawa takes your last 3 years and doest its 1x 2x 3x weighting system thing, will my extra courses at this other university now act as my latest university year? Another example, UofT: will it still consider that I took a 5 course load during my entire undergrad (so i can drop my 4 lowest marks) despite that im taking these extra pre-req courses part time at another university?


Overall, how is taking these courses at say Ryerson affect my application to the Ontario medical schools?


Im trying to figure out what to do with my life in 2011, so any help would be much appreciated. And no I dont want to do Grad school, or come back to uni for another year, I just want to take pre-req courses for certain American med schools as a part-time student.



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You ought to have applied to UT this year, who knows what would have happened.


I think if you take them during the summer you'll definitely be OK.


If you take them in the school year that you're applying (2011 entry), they won't have access to any of them, so they'll be meaningless and have no effect (Ottawa-4th year is your latest, UT unaffected wGPA).


I'm not sure what will happen if you take them next year, don't get in, and then reapply for entry in 2012. You should probably call the schools to confirm. However, I believe that if you're taking them in part-time status (which you are), they will not be counted as a "year" of schooling. So Ottawa will still look at your 4th year being your latest, and it won't affect your UT wGPA. This is meaningless though, I think with an MCAT rewrite you're extremely competitive next year and you should get in!

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Guest viscous

Ottawa takes the latest year (with 3x weightage) which is within the 4 years Bachelor's degree. Any full-time years after getting your bachelors degree would not be considered by Ottawa.


I am not too sure about UWO whether they take 5th/6th years AFTER getting bachelor's degree to meet their gpa cutoffs.

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