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Selling Friendship to DAT Studiers

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Hahaha... this thread made me laugh. Hilarious:D


I am selling my friendship to people studying for the DAT! Everyone studying can use an extra friend!


I'm a pretty cool guy so I don't go cheap - $40 to be my friend!


And to all my friends - FOR FREE - I will give you these subject tests I have - no charge, I'm just passing them on to my friends. These subject tests cover all the areas of the DAT and I want my friends to do well.


Mods - please don't delete, I want my friends to do well and these tests really help!

Nothing wrong (legally at least) with selling friendship. And if you're telling me if you had a friend studying for the DAT you wouldn't share materials with him - you're not a good friend. This is essentially the same thing that Dinan is doing. I am just giving the stuff to my friends - nothing wrong with that!

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